Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mandatory issue

Normally, I don't plug products. However, on my recent trip to the US, I discovered a product that should be mandatory for all ipodiots (see definition in one of my earlier posts).

There's a product called yurbuds, which are "earbud enhancers". I bought a pair for running. They are semi-custom silicone covers that slip over the ear end of earbuds and prevent them from falling out of the ear canal. They also have the added benefit of directing the sound into the ear canal, reducing the volume at which one has to listen. They also prevent the sound from coming OUT and disturbing one's fellow travellers.

This simple invention ( may be a crime prevention tool. Without it, I predict an outbreak of rage-induced homicides in which angry commuters strangle inconsiderate jerks with their own headphone cords. They may even be celebrated by the press as "have a go heroes". So, join me today in petitioning for yurbuds to be required for use on all public transportation and prevent violence.

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