Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Travelling Douchebag

I'll admit it. I'm a bit cranky this morning. I've had three consecutive nights working until 2 or 3am on a project and getting up at 6. However, I'm pretty sure that the guy behind would qualify for inclusion on the Travelling Douchebag Wall of Shame anyway. He's lucky I can only hear him, or his photo would be here too.

This guy has managed to continually spew management speak into his phone at the top of his voice for 20 minutes now. How do these a-holes always get a signal? One of the other regular commuters was so distracted that he stopped working on his laptop and suggested we engage in a game of buzzword bingo. "I take your comments on board...We can move forward on this agenda...I took Monday's criticisms on the chin". He's going to take my criticisms on the chin in a minute.

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