Thursday, 8 March 2012

The little princess

Sometimes life is so hard. Take the poor little thing over there. She looks about 18. She is going on a spring holiday to Egypt. With her, she's taking her Louis Vuitton bag, her diamanté sandals, and her Ralph Lauren-encased boyfriend. Little Princess spent 30 minutes sharing headphones and listening to the wailing thump of Bollywood, smacking her gum, giggling down her phone and delicately placing her perfectly manicured feet all over the seats.

She just relayed a story to her boyfriend about seeing an old man fall over in the road. It was apparently so tragic, that she had to cry pretty little tears. For 10 minutes. Designer boyfriend dutifully comforted her while she wept, but somehow she did it without smudging her mascara.

It's all better now. Don't you worry. As long as daddy's credit card still works, she will be fine.

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