Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Why does everyday etiquette not always apply on the train? I'm hardly
Miss Manners, but I'm constantly surprised by this.
On both of my journeys today, I had to stand up for at least an hour.
In the morning, it was because the previous northbound train had been
cancelled, leaving 6 carriages of people to squeeze into 2.
I refuse to participate in the frenzied shove fest to get on the
train, so was left to stand. Why will the English queue for anything
given half the chance, but elbow people that have been waiting on a
platform for longer to get on the train? It's a very strange cultural
This afternoon, I gave up my seat for a dad who was struggling to keep
himself upright in the crowded aisle while juggling a toddler. Nobody
else offered, including men and women of varying ages. Apparently rude
doesn't have a demographic.
I suppose I should be less angry with the people on the train, and
reserve my frustrations for East Midlands Trains. However, I thought
that one of the things that this country was supposed to be most proud
of was it's unfailing grace in the face of adversity. Sod that. It's
every traveller for herself.

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