Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 is business as usual

Today is January 3rd, and I'm on my third delayed train of the year. I only started traveling again today. As I stood in the freezing cold watching the delay time increase incrementally on the platform display, it was clear that this year would carry on much in the same way as 2011.

Weirdly, although my morning train departed 15 minutes late, it somehow arrived on time. When I got to work, I was one of approximately 4 people in the whole building. I decided to spend an extra hour with my family rather than in silence since my colleagues all opted to bother showing up at all. Somehow, I missed the 15:52 by about 30 seconds. I got a coffee and then on the 16:22. Some wanker threw a rock through the train's windscreen. Thankfully, the driver was unhurt, but the train had to limp to the next station where the service was cancelled. At this point, I ended up waiting 20 minutes in the freezing cold and caught the next train back. It was the one I'd have been on if I hadn't left early at all.

So, here I sit on my slightly-delayed-as-usual train watching an old man drinking castor oil straight from the bottle and being coughed on by a blonde.

Welcome back, commuters!

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