Thursday, 5 January 2012

Earbud Avenging again

Another successful mission from the Earbud Avenger! Dun da dun!
The middle-aged lady's music was so loud from 4 rows away that people were turning around to find the offender. When I approached her to ask her to turn it down, I tried several times saying, "excuse me, ma'am" with increasing volume, before eventually resorting to tapping on the seat back in front of her and waving my arms around. When I told her that her music was very loud, she shouted, "Really?!" with an incredulous face.
She must have gotten her first iPod from her kids for Christmas or something, because it took her a good 2-3 minutes of fadfing with it to figure out the volume settings. Pleasant smiles from other passengers, though so it was a good result.

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