Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I dived out a bit early today because I've got an extra day of travel this week, and I was eager to escape the busy office to get some work done before anyone asked me to do any more favours.

Apparently, the early train has also been chosen by approximately 30 seemingly unsupervised, shrieking 8-year-old girls. From the sounds they are making, they must be travelling to GiggleFest 2009 or something equally annoying. Even the headphones won't cover it up. My best teacher voice was effective for about 5 minutes before it descended into madness again. Where oh where are the chaperones?
And the woman across from me at the table just pushed away her half-eaten mayo-drenched pasta salad to carry on to her next course. It was a full packet of precooked bacon. She ate it straight. I am not kidding.
Anyway, although there were butts and bags in my face for an hour, I had a seat and arrived on time. It's still a good day.

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