Thursday, 23 September 2010

What's your superhero name?

More than once in the recent past, friends have had the conversation about what superheroes we would choose to be (We are nerds and are fine with it). I've decided on mine and am acting on it.

I've become...[cue big announcer voice and some catchy theme music] The Earbud Avenger! She stops offensive music listeners with a single polite request!

Train Buddy and I tossed around a few costume ideas, but would welcome some sketches.

I've successfully stopped three offenders this week alone, saving dozens of commuters from the annoying dush-dush-dush sound of an astonishing array of really poor music.

Wherever there's an offensive twat, the Earbud Avenger will be there! Oh wait. Hmm. That didn't quite come out right. Slogan suggestions gratefully accepted.


  1. Yeah, nearly took your slogan literally there ;) but nice to see the douche is the problem in this case, and not the solution, as it were.

    In terms of slogans, we have our best people on it! Great post!


  2. Despite my best efforts to summon the Earbud Avenger, I had to endure, not the usual "dush dush" but "eeeewaaaaaah eeewaaaaaaaah" (screaming guitars) on the bus yesterday. I want to be a superhero with one of those lasers than reduces solid matter to nothing. Will think of a name....